Playable races.

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Playable races.

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Humans are the most common race in the DS galaxy. They are very versatile as a race, and humans can generally fullfil any role.

Special rules:
+1 feat at level 1.
+4 skill points at level 1.
+1 skill point for all levels after level 1.
Proficient with all bullet, explosive, blade, hammer and axe weapons.
Proficient with all armour.

The Drall are a very intelligent race, and though they may appear small and cute, they make formidable psykers. Most shop clerks are Drall, as they are as honest as they are fluffy. The Drall make poor physical fighters.

Special rules:
Drall can learn an additional psychic power using feat points.
Drall can reroll all intelligence tests. The rerolled score stands.
Proficient with daggers.
Proficient with neoprene armour.

The Squib are an extremely brutal race. Squib are as accurate as they are hostile, and they make the best bounty hunters and security guards. Squib are surprisingly intelligent when it comes to haggling, and despite their hostile nature, they are extremely charismatic. What they lack in physical strength, they make up for with speed and accuracy.

Special rules:
Squibs start with the 'point blanc shot' feat.
Squibs gain +10 to persuasion when haggling.
Proficient with all non-heavy ranged weapons.
Proficient with neoprene and plastic armour.

Nautolan are a proud and powerful race. Nautolan pride themselves on their physical strength, and make deadly warriors. Their tendancy to threaten and bully people makes them unpopular with other species.

Special rules:
Nautolan may never attempt to persuade.
Nautolan gain +5 to intimidation when weilding a melee weapon.
Proficient with all blade, hammer and axe weapons.
Proficient with metal armour and lower.

The verpine are a stealthy race that rely on their ability to remain unseen. They have a skill for moving silently. The Verpine make excellent bandits or spies. They don't fare too well if they get stuck in combat though.

Special rules:
Verpine gain +2 to move silently skill.
Verpine gain +2 to hide skill.
Proficient with blast pistols and daggers.
Proficient with neoprene armour.

Slimes are an extremely rare race, and given their inability to use any weaponry, they make the best monks. Slimes also make good thieves with thier ability to turn liquid and slip through locked doors. Slimes also have the ability to regenerate. Slime's make up for their inability to use weapons with the vast amount of special rules they have.

Special rules:
Immune to energy weapons.
When hit by an energy weapon, attacks do 1d3 energy damage for 1d6 rounds.
Suffer half damage from melee and bullet weapons.
Suffer double damage from fire weapons.
Regens 1d3 damage per turn. (Counts as an action).
Suffers 1d3 damage if overheating (Damage is semi-permanent).
Can melt to pass through cracks and holes (Drops all inventory when performed).
Can breath under water and in polluted air.
Immune to poison.
Hits with poison attacks.
Can drink 1 unit of water to regen 10hp.
Natural armour class: 8
Proficient with nothing. Can't ever use weapons or armour.


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