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What we're about.

Post  Luke8t88 on Mon May 04, 2009 2:55 pm

Deep space is an RPG forum where you can create your own character and have them travel through the galaxy of Salgaro. In their journey, characters have complete freedom on what they do. Will they become an honoured body guard for royalty, or a space pirate, feared by all. Or perhaps somewhere in between.
Everything about the character can be altered to whatever your tastes may be, from species and gender, all the way down to their skills and abilities.
One of the unique things about deep space is the sheer freedom to do anything you please. All shops, houses, ships and even planets can be bought (for the right price) and every planet has its own economy, and thus different prices. Player actions will effect the price and outcome of a planet or city. If alot of players become pirates and start to blockade a planets trade routes, then that planets prices will rise significantly. On the other hand, if a planet is guarded by good characters, the price will come down, and those players may even get a discount.
There are endless possibilities to what you can do in this RP, and everyone is welcome to join. Just remember to keep the content of your posts tasteful.


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