Fighting unarmed.

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Fighting unarmed.

Post  Luke8t88 on Mon May 25, 2009 2:04 pm

In deep space, it is perfectly acceptable to fight unarmed. When fighting unarmed, a person may attack twice without suffering dual weild penalties. When fighting unarmed, a person may choose from an array of different attacks to pull.

Punch/kick: The unarmed fighter strikes twice a turn. They use an array of punches and kicks to attack, doing 1d3 AP 0 damage. These moves are effected by strength (Or dexterity if they have weapon finesse).

Shove: Shove can be used as a reaction when fighting unarmed. Rather than evade/parry, the user surges forwards and pushes their opponent, moving them backwards and out of melee range. When used as a reaction, the user makes an attack. If the attack hits, and their strength (or dexterity if they have weapon finesse) is higher than the targets, then the target suffers knockback before they attack.

Stunning blow: When the user strikes and damages a target succesively three times in a row, their third blow causes stunning for this round on the target. The target may try to ignore the stunning by making a constitution save plus the strength modifier of the striker (Or dexterity bonus when weapon finesse is used).

Power strike: When attacking a stunned target, the user may opt to attack once rather than twice. If they do so, they strike for 1d6 damage and have a knockdown chance. If the target fails a constitution test plus the strikers strength bonus (Or dexterity bonus when weapon finesse is used) then they are knocked down.

Flurry of blows: When attacking a stunned target, the user may opt to trade in their two attacks for 1d6 attacks instead. These d6 attacks counts as punches/kicks, so benefit from stunning blow should three consecutive strikes be made. It is possible to use flurry of blows to keep an opponent stunned for an entire battle.

Disarm: When attacking, an unarmed fighter may opt to forefiet their attack to disarm an opponent. The fighter must make a normal attack that requires a 15 to hit. If the attack hits, then the target is disarmed, and must drop one weapon of the attackers choice. The chosen weapon must be one the target is weilding.

Weapon steal: When trying to disarm a stunned opponent, the fighter will actually steal the weapon of their choice rather than cause the target to drop it. Seeing as the target is stunned, weapon stealing is made like a disarm attack, but only requires a 5 to hit.

Finishing blow: When an opponent is knocked down, the fighter may attempt to make a finishing blow. The attacker rolls 1d20 plus their strength bonus (dexterity bonus when weapon finesse is used) and the target rolls 1d20 plus their dexterity bonus. If the attacker wins, the target is killed instantly. If the target wins, they manage to evade or block the attack, and get back to their feet quickly. Their knockdown effect is removed.

Counter attack: If the unarmed fighter succesfully parrys an attack and brings the attackers score to 0 or lower, then they may do one of the following: Make 1 counter attack that auto-hits, disarm the opponent with instant success, or cripple the attacking limb.


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